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NowtRKit | The Mobile Based Rape Kit Tracking system.

NowtRKit is an Automated Information Technology (AIT) system to track SAKs as they progress through the criminal justice system. NowtRKit is the only smart phone based universal solution to track kits from hospital rooms to laboratories to police and prosecution storage facilities, and beyond. NowtRKit allows a survivor to anonymously track or receive updates regarding the status and location of the their evidence collection kit through a smart phone application.

Mobile Based

Works with any smart phone. Getting started with it is very easy, fast, and scalable.

Easy to Customize

Built keeping in mind the different regulations and needs. Customization can be done with quick turn-around time.

Victim Notification

Survivors can install iOS/ Android App with their secure credentials to know the status/ history of movement of their kits or check in the secure website.

Save Money

No extra hardware needed. Very simple and easy to use. Any one can use it with minimal or no up-front training. Very economical to implement.

Departments, Hierarchy & Accountability

NowtRKit can be provided for any one across departments and configured with priviliges. The movement can be tracked to the person/ department across geographical boundaries.


All agencies can keep up with timelines to meet regulations by knowing which kits need the their attention. The law makers and victim advocates can be assured that all the kits gets the attentiion that it deserves.


No special hardware is needed. NowtRKit works on any smart phone with internet.
No. We do not collect or store any of victim's data. Every victim has a unique identification number and the kits are tracked with that.
The government owns the data. Moreover, we do not store personal data.
NowtRKit provides utmost flexibility to track the kit across departments irrespective of the location.
It is absolutely possible. Any number of users can be added within a department. Privileges can be set for each of them to certain functions.
Being an app, all one has to do is install the app. That's how easy it is.
Yes, we have features built in to include old kits into the system to make everything trackable.
Yes. NowtRKit is built keeping in mind all the different regulations which come into play and the customizations needed to do justice. Hence it is built to be very flexible for customizations. Our turn-around times are very quick.
Yes. We provide on-site training as well as well as tutorial videos are provided. It is so simple to use, no training may be needed.
NowtRKit is a cloud based system and does not store any personal information. It is hosted securely in servers inside the United States. The data can be hosted inside the state, if required.
The victim has a mobile app for both Android and iOS. There is a website as well which can be embedded into your portal where a victim can search the status by providing the reference number.
NowtRKit's dashboard shows the data of the kits in the state real-time. More Key Performance Indicators can be added on request.
Since it is a cloud based service, it will only be extremely competitive to the cost of building a solution or compared to a software which is complex and which are installable on computers.

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